•  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
  •  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A

Everyone wants their shot at the American Dream. Idaho’s land and resources need to be defended and our families must be supported with great education and access to affordable healthcare. As a citizen of Idaho, you deserve a safe community where businesses can thrive. Your Elected Officials Value Hard Work, Integrity, And collaborative conversation around difficult issues. You deserve to have your voice heard at the State level. Like you, I am a parent, a business owner, and a passionate advocate for creating an Idaho our children will be proud to inherit.




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Creating a Stronger Idaho Together

Stronger Roots

  • Thriving Agriculture
  • Defend Natural Resources and Its Users
  • Look After Idaho Water

Stronger Families

  • Funding for K12 and Higher Education
  • Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare

Stronger Communities

  • Economic Vitality
  • Vibrant Small Businesses
  • Growing Infrastructure Support for Roads and Bridges

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1 month ago

We are blessed to be under quarantine on the farm and have put up the first campaign sign. Thank you for the trust you put in me to serve the amazing people of the Magic Valley. It is an honor and a ... See more

1 month ago
Tommy Ahlquist

Tommy Ahlquist and his team have come forward with a solution to get us back to work. #CrushTheCurveIdaho

Do you qualify. Get tested. Save lives. Get back to work.


9:47 last Thursday night!

2 days after the earthquake. Sitting mind numbingly waiting for the news to come on...

How many more cases... deaths?

Then a spark, phone calls, energy, vision, plan ... See more

1 month ago
AARP Idaho

Governor Little will host a Town Hall tomorrow at noon. Tune in for the latest update on Covid-19.


Join our town hall discussion with Governor Little for the latest on COVID-19, 4/7 noon MTN. More here: http://spr.ly/61861IT3i

1 month ago
Idaho State Board of Education

Watch LIVE on Facebook today at 3 p.m. as Chairman Debbie Critchfield, Idaho State Board of Education, updates educators, parents, children, and communities on what to expect for the next 30 days. ... See more

The governing body for all education in Idaho, grades K-20.

1 month ago

Take a minute to ponder this. This current situation is uncomfortable. It's challenging and confusing. It's painful to not have long-term implications identified. However, it's times like this that ... See more

1 month ago

Want an update on Covid-19 in Idaho? Tune in right now to Idaho Public TV 13. Gov. Little, Dept. of Labor Director, Janie Revier, and Dept. of Health and Welfare Director Jeppesen. ... See more

1 month ago
Vote Early Idaho

It is being reported that the May 19th Primary Election will be by absentee ballot. Request your ballot today. It's easy, it's safe, and it's secure.

Stronger Roots
Stronger Families
Stronger ... See more

Voting Absentee is as easy as 1, 2, 3! #VoteEarlyIdaho

2 months ago
Can Gov. Little legally require Idahoans to stay home?

The question at the end of every phone call and email that we receive during this coronavirus outbreak, "Does Gov. Little have the Constitutional Authority to do this?", and yes, he does. See:

After ... See more

With the coronavirus spreading rapidly in Idaho, Gov. Brad Little last Wednesday issued a proclamation directing most Idahoans to stay home for 21 days and all businesses, except those involving ... See more

2 months ago
Magic Valley lawmakers, butchers pass tax exemption on custom meat processing

Sportsmen, hunters, livestock owners, and meat processors, Representative Hartgen sponsored legislation that will remove sales tax from your wildgame and domestic cut and wrap! It was signed by the ... See more

Those who raise or hunt an animal to feed their family will no longer pay sales tax to have the meat butchered thanks to Magic Valley lawmakers and business owners.

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