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    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Candidate for Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A

Everyone wants their shot at the American Dream. Idaho’s land and resources need to be defended and our families must be supported with great education and access to affordable healthcare. As a citizen of Idaho, you deserve a safe community where businesses can thrive. Your Elected Officials Value Hard Work, Integrity, And collaborative conversation around difficult issues. You deserve to have your voice heard at the State level. Like you, I am a parent, a business owner, and a passionate advocate for creating an Idaho our children will be proud to inherit.




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Creating a Stronger Idaho Together

Stronger Roots

  • Thriving Agriculture
  • Defend Natural Resources and Its Users
  • Look After Idaho Water

Stronger Families

  • Funding for K12 and Higher Education
  • Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare

Stronger Communities

  • Economic Vitality
  • Vibrant Small Businesses
  • Growing Infrastructure Support for Roads and Bridges

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2 weeks ago

Hazelton Days. #idgop #idpol

Stronger Communities

3 weeks ago
Photos from Lickley for Idaho's post

Stop number two: Fire Awareness sponsored by the Twin Falls Soil and Water Conservation District and TF BLM District Office.

3 weeks ago
Katharine B. Stevens | AEI Scholar

Stop one today: Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children.

What does early childhood learning look like? Data shows that the most important years are from 0-3 years. This may be the most ... See more

Download hi-res photo Contact Info: 202.862.5914 @KBStevens Download VCARD Request an interview Assistant Info: Meredith Tracy 202.862.7192 Katharine B. Stevens Back to scholar list Resident Scholar, ... See more

3 weeks ago
Murtaugh defies the odds with early learning and math improvements

Good news in Magic Valley in education.

Murtaugh Superintendent Michele Capps, and her entire team, took a "needs improvement" in the school's standardized math testing score in 2010 and turned it ... See more

A 2010 grant has since dried up, but Murtaugh’s push to improve math instruction has grown.

3 weeks ago

How do we increase the success of those with developmental or other disabilities? Studies show that moving them from an institutional type setting to a home and community based system works and costs ... See more

4 weeks ago
Public Lands Council

Enjoyed the conversation, the people, the food, and the view.

This view! 😍

Two of our PLC staff traveled to Idaho this week for the annual Governor’s Trail Ride. Great work to all who hosted the event and made it a success! @ Idaho

1 month ago
Estimated Property Tax - Idaho State Tax Commission

Tonight, Wednesday June 18th, from 6-8 p.m. in the TF County Planning and Zoning Conference Room, Brad Wills, Twin Falls County Assessor, will walk us through assessed values and property tax ... See more

Estimate your property tax using the calculator on this page.

1 month ago

Your Republican team is ready!!! Filer Fun Days.

1 month ago

A lot of good things going on today in the Magic Valley. Join us in Filer for Filer Fun Days. We will be in the 5k at 8 a.m. and the parade at 11 a.m. Stop in and say "hi", we'd love to visit with ... See more

1 month ago
Scholarship | Idaho Governor's Cup

Congratulations to our four Idaho Governor's Scholarship Recipients in Jerome County: Lizet Ramos, Alyssa Hansten, and Kaitlin Mirkin from Jerome High School; Kelsey Henry from Valley High School. ... See more

The Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship is available to high school seniors and home school students throughout Idaho. All proceeds from the Idaho Governor’s Cup are dedicated to funding this ... See more

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