•  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
  •  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A

Everyone wants their shot at the American Dream. Idaho’s land and resources need to be defended and our families must be supported with great education and access to affordable healthcare. As a citizen of Idaho, you deserve a safe community where businesses can thrive. Your Elected Officials Value Hard Work, Integrity, And collaborative conversation around difficult issues. You deserve to have your voice heard at the State level. Like you, I am a parent, a business owner, and a passionate advocate for creating an Idaho our children will be proud to inherit.




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Creating a Stronger Idaho Together

Stronger Roots

  • Thriving Agriculture
  • Defend Natural Resources and Its Users
  • Look After Idaho Water

Stronger Families

  • Funding for K12 and Higher Education
  • Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare

Stronger Communities

  • Economic Vitality
  • Vibrant Small Businesses
  • Growing Infrastructure Support for Roads and Bridges

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2 weeks ago
Trump Administration Announces Historic Action to Lower Drug Prices for Americans

Prescription drug costs are a worry to many Idahoans. Relief is on the way. President Trump recently signed 4 Executive Orders that will make it easier for all Americans to get the lowest possible ... See more

Today, President Donald Trump took historic action to deliver lower prescription drug prices to American patients. The President signed three Executive Orders on drug pricing directing the Secretary ... See more

2 weeks ago
Mrs. Laura Bush's 2020 Summer Reading List for Kids | Bush Center

Parents: here is a phenomenal list of summer reads for your elementary and middle school students. Download them today and let's read them together. Childhood literacy is the foundation of all ... See more

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep children engaged in reading. This summer reading list includes picks for the youngest readers through middle sch

2 weeks ago
Letter to editor: At war with the virus

Thank you Dennis Capps for your letter. He is right, some of your leaders are afraid of taking a stance, and I will tell you why. Covid-19 has become a political football where there are more experts ... See more

I have been a proud American and Idaho gun owner my whole life and cherish my right to own and bear arms to protect my family, community and nation against

3 weeks ago
Jerome Police Department-Idaho

You will only see this in our rural Idaho communities. Yes, you are in dairy/cattle country in Jerome, Idaho. These girls thought they would try high school ... See more

If this was a TikTok, the song would have to be "Hello - Hello, I'm not where I'm supposed to be..."

To the couple from Denver, Colorado that stopped to take pictures of the "wildlife", we hope you ... See more

3 weeks ago

A Joint State Affairs Working Group is meeting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Three topics are on the table for discussion: Advanced Planning for the 66th Legislative Session, November Elections, and ... See more

3 weeks ago
Property tax interim committee wraps up first meeting, expresses hope for 'structural change'

Let's ride the hundreds of miles of fence, find the holes, and fix the fence. It may take groups on the county/city side AND the legislative side to solve property tax relief. It is never easy work, ... See more

The Idaho Legislature’s interim committee on property taxes and revenue expenditures has wrapped up its first meeting at the Capitol today, after presentations that filled much of the day about

3 weeks ago

Standing ovation please! NEPA reform has been needed for decades. Thank you President Trump, Idaho industries,
and Governor's Otter and Little for your consistent push! ... See more

1 month ago

This September 3, 1921 edition of the National Republican was delivered to A W Lickley on June 9, 1922, nine months from publication. Headlines included, "What the New Tax Bill Means." "The Railroad ... See more

1 month ago
How Idaho Became A One Party State

This historical narrative of our two-party system in Idaho is fascinating. As the daughter of a history and government guru, some of these stories were shared. Looking forward is best, but learning ... See more

Whenever people talk about Idaho politics, chances are someone will say something like “Idaho is one of the reddest, if not the reddest state in the

1 month ago
Guest opinion: When voting, put Idaho's children 1st

Part of my mission is to put our families and future generations at the helm of each legislative action taken. Thank you to Trent Clark and other professionals for giving us a resource and a safe ... See more

All too often, the concerns of Idaho’s smallest citizens, its children, are not fully considered in the Idaho Legislature. Does your legislator support what you believe is important? We believe

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