•  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
  •  Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A
    Together We Can Make Idaho Stronger Idaho House of Representatives District 25 A

Everyone wants their shot at the American Dream. Idaho’s land and resources need to be defended and our families must be supported with great education and access to affordable healthcare. As a citizen of Idaho, you deserve a safe community where businesses can thrive. Your Elected Officials Value Hard Work, Integrity, And collaborative conversation around difficult issues. You deserve to have your voice heard at the State level. Like you, I am a parent, a business owner, and a passionate advocate for creating an Idaho our children will be proud to inherit.




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Follow along with the Legislature at http://www.legislature.idaho.gov for all bill tracking, remote testimony locations, rule making, and calendars.

Creating a Stronger Idaho Together

Stronger Roots

  • Thriving Agriculture
  • Defend Natural Resources and Its Users
  • Look After Idaho Water

Stronger Families

  • Funding for K12 and Higher Education
  • Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare

Stronger Communities

  • Economic Vitality
  • Vibrant Small Businesses
  • Growing Infrastructure Support for Roads and Bridges

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1 month ago

As we pay tribute and respect to our loved ones and barbecue with neighbors, family, and friends, let us also remember and honor those who gave all in defense of the United States of America and the ... See more

1 month ago

We hear daily that our hospitals are making money off of Covid-19 patients and the numbers are artificially inflated, in the hospital and on death certificates. Here are the facts:


2 months ago

I am proud to represent those that can duct tape their boots together. This is us. We are strong; We are resilient. We are in this together. We are ... See more

2 months ago
Child Care Assistance

Childcare provider assistance is available. See:


Official website of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

2 months ago

Your retirement accounts can now be accessed without the 10% penalty for early withdrawal for those affected by Covid-19. See:

2 months ago

Thank you for your patience. I am hearing from SO many of you. This is new territory for us, too. Your angst, pain, and frustrations are REAL.

The White House just release a current FAQ sheet on ... See more

2 months ago
Stages of Reopening - Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity

Idaho forward! Governor Little just released his thoughtful staged plan for re-opening Idaho. He also just announced that Darrel Anderson, CEO Idaho Power, will head his economic recovery advisory ... See more

View the plan as PDF

2 months ago
Reader Comment: St. Luke’s Chief Medical Officer on leadership in a time of COVID-19

Now is the time to unify, not divide.

"We’re calling on that spirit of community now. As your doctors, nurses and neighbors, we invite you to join us in supporting our governor, policymakers, ... See more

Note: The following open letter has the support of more than 700 physicians and advanced practice providers affiliated with St. Luke’s; it does not represent the position of all providers.

2 months ago
Jerome 20/20, Inc

Coming together for a greater cause. Solutions 101. Thank you. #StrongerCommunities

We are very excited to make this announcement!

3 months ago
Vote Early Idaho

Order your absentee ballot today. #LickleyforIdaho2020



Voting Absentee is as easy as 1, 2, 3! #VoteEarlyIdaho

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