Laurie Lickley 

Everyone Wants Their Shot At The American Dream

Idaho's land and resources need to be defended. 
Our families must be supported with great education, an advocate for mental health access, and responsible tax policy.  
You deserve a community where businesses can thrive and your elected officials value hard work. integrity and collaborative conversation.

And I believe you deserve to have your voice heard at the state level.
Like you, I'm a parent, a business owner, and a passionate advocate for creating an Idaho our Children will be proud to inherit one day.

Ranching alongside my husband, Bill, on our family’s 100-year-old farm in Jerome allowed me to participate in my local community and at the state level with different organizations. I am passionate about working together with you to give our families and neighbors their chance at the American Dream through quality education and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive. 

As a 1990 University of Idaho Graduate with degree in Agricultural Economics and native Idahoan, I'm proud to be part of a fourth generation ranching family because it allows me to really understand what Idaho needs for a stronger future. I am committed to uphold our constitutional and conservative values in the form of hard work, integrity, and civil, collaborative conversations.

I will not jeopardize simple, fundamental values in making decisions on your behalf.

Meet Laurie

Stronger Roots

Agriculture and natural resource industries are the engine, foundation, and roots of the Magic Valley and all of Idaho, and I vow to support efforts to maintain those foundational values.

Creating A Stronger Idaho Together

Stronger Families

Families are the backbone of our communities and deserve the fundamental and programmatic support through early childhood education, K-12, and higher education. I am firmly pro-life and pro-family. I support all efforts at increasing the strength and vitality of the family unit.

Stronger Communities

I pledge my support to small and main street business, infrastructure and commerce, and economic vitality. Responsible tax policy and fiscal accountability are critical to balancing growth and infrastructure needs. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and I believe strongly in the 2nd amendment. 

- Stacey Satterlee, IGPA Executive Director

She is a farmer and rancher and is from a largely agricultural district, and she works hard every day on behalf of her constituents. While there is a general lack of political courage, she is brave. She is often unfairly attacked because of the principled approach she takes to legislating – but she is the exact kind of person we want in the legislature and has proven herself to be a true Friend of IGPA. 

There are a few folks at the Idaho Statehouse that really stand out as being smart, pragmatic, and courageous, and Rep. Laurie Lickley is one of them.

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