● Protect and Preserve Idaho Agriculture
● Public Lands, Public Hands
● Water Storage, Quality, and Conservation 

Creating A Stronger Idaho Together

stronger roots


● Pro-Family
● Early Childhood Development; K-12 and Higher Education
● Mental and Behavior Health Advocate

stronger families


● Support our veterans and law enforcement
● 2nd Amendment 
● Responsible Tax Policy; Fiscal Accountability
● Balanced Growth & Infrastructure Needs 
● Pro-Business

stronger communities


Thomas Jefferson

"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness."

● Supported Industrial Hemp
● Support Our Aerial Applicators and Right-to-Farm
● Idaho Ag-All Star 2019, 2020, 2021
● Sponsored Priority Dates on Stockwater Permits on Federal Lands
● Supported and Co-sponsored water delivery, water recharge, and infrastructure projects

While in office:




I pledge to uphold our traditional farming and ranching practices, while working to develop additional value-added opportunities.

I vow to work collectively and cooperatively with our diverse water users.

I support options for workforce development.

I commit to creating stronger roots by fully supporting our agriculture and natural resource industries.

stronger roots

Sandra Day O’Connor

"Parents should continue to become more involved with their communities and more involved with the children’s education."

Early Childhood Development and Education
Empowering Parents, Businesses, and Communities to support programs, resources, and materials to prepare our children for school
 ● Future leaders, future students, and future workforce
 ● Support all-day Kindergarten   
 ● Support Higher Education, including technical training
 ● Education is freedom. Literacy opens ALL doors.

Supported all pro-family legislation signed into law
 ● Supported legislation to benefit families
 ● Recognized by Idaho Children are Primary

Member Tri-Branch Idaho Behavioral Health Council
Strategic Action Plan Delivered September 2021
 Directive to implement:
 ● Crisis Centers for Youth
 ● 9-8-8 National Hotline Rollout 7/22
 ● Address Civil Commitments 

Coordinated a Community Connections Townhall
Hispanic Community—One Community

While in office:




Idaho’s children deserve to come first with quality education and opportunities.

Education is freedom. Literacy opens ALL doors. 

Everyone should have access to mental health resources.

I believe we must provide a strong foundation for our families to thrive through early childhood development and quality education. 

stronger families

President GW Bush

"One of the common denominators I have found is that expectations rise above that which is expected."

● Donated per diem during Covid-19 break in 2021 Legislative Session to each of the Senior Centers in LD25 to support our senior community. 
● Supported legislation for property tax relief
● Worked to remove sales tax exemption for custom meat processing in Idaho
● Pro-business: Idaho Prosperity Award
● Supported CTE credits for our food processing and manufacturing industries
● Supported K-12 and Higher Education, including the College of Southern Idaho
● Steps for Schools: donated over $2500 to our local elementary schools
● Support our veterans
● Supported largest income tax relief package in Idaho history
● Supported the largest transportation package in Idaho history
● Broadband for rural communities
● Supported PTSI treatment for our first responders
● Shared constituents' concerns and provided alternative suggestions to the BLM for more responsible and equitable land use for the Lava Ridge Wind Energy Project (read here)

While in office:




We must keep our rural communities vibrant and economically sound.

I firmly believe in both government accountability and personal responsibility.

I support a balanced budget, fair taxes and minimal regulations so our businesses can prosper.

I believe strong communities consists of thriving small businesses and an accountable, fiscally responsible government.

stronger communities

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