Supporting Womens Health

Women’s healthcare. We must create a safe environment to have a conversation about it and protect their rights to access contraceptives. 

Last week, I joined former state representative Kelley Packer and attorney Tara Malek to roll out the Idaho Contraceptive Education Network. With this initiative, we aim to provide resources for the public on the function and benefits of contraceptives. Our goal is to not only protect and possibly expand access to this important resource but to also increase contraceptive understanding and promote an informed and safe discussion around contraceptives.

Contraceptives allow individuals -men and women- to plan and space pregnancies according to their life goals. It empowers women to make informed choices about their reproductive health and contributes to the reduction of unintended pregnancies and maternal mortality.

From my vantage point, nothing says pro-life more than supporting women’s health and their access to contraception. It is important to note that contraception aims to prevent pregnancy, while abortion terminates an existing pregnancy. Contraceptives work before conception.

Those healthy conversations start here. Join me today in that discussion.

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